Body Wars

Sometimes when our bodies let us down, through illness or as a result of an accident, it can feel as if we are at war with ourselves. But are they really the enemies they seem to be?

Sometimes, we can see our bodies as separate from ourselves, as objects in which we travel around the world, much as we might see a car. So, when they aren’t working as well as they might, we feel as we would feel if our car were broken down, frustrated, disappointed and let down. Only more so…we can’t trade our bodies for a newer model.

And yet our bodies are so much more than a vehicle. Think of how many functions our bodies carry out without our conscious input. Often, we can take what our bodies do for granted.

There is a school of thought that physical pain and illness reflects some emotional disturbance within us, and is the body’s way of communicating that something is wrong. So next time you feel let down by your body, next time you experience pain or illness, or have an injury, ask yourself what your body is saying to you.

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