Feeling Stuck? Ten Tips (Part Two)

  1. GIVE THE “SHOULD, OUGHT AND MUST” THE BOOT: Often the story we tell ourselves about how things should be can keep us stuck where we are. There is no right way of being. Often shoulds are a legacy of other people’s opinions, and we may be carrying them on without ever having given them any serious consideration. They can become serious obstacles in our lives. Ask yourself this question, Should…according to who?
  2. REPLACE A BAD HABIT WITH A GOOD ONE: Humans are creatures of habit, and habit serves us well. Imagine how it would be to drive the car if you had to consciously think of each step each time. If we don’t consciously create a good habit, we will unconsciously create a bad one. Think about the habits you have (we all have them), and decide to replace one that doesn’t serve you with one that does. If listening to the news stresses you, decide to play some music or go for a walk instead. If your habit of watching TV late into the night leaves you struggling to get up for work, get an early night. A habit is something you repeat consciously until it becomes automatic, and requires a decision and the discipline to see it through, so choose carefully.
  3. BE OPEN TO LEARNING SOMETHING NEW: Many people see learning as something for school children. Many people never pick up a book after leaving school. Many people view other people’s opinions as wrong if they don’t coincide with their own. Decide to open yourself to learning something new. It might be a new skill, hobby or language. Question your views and ask if there’s another way of seeing the situation. Really listen to what others are saying to you.
  4. GRATITUDE: Be grateful for what you have. It might not be what you want, but opening ourselves up to seeing the gifts and blessings we already have, we make ourselves receptive to what might be out there for us. Get into the habit of being grateful for everything, the roof over your head, the clothes on your back, the people in your life. In comparison to many people, if you are able to read this article you are rich beyond their wildest dreams. You are literate, you have your sight, you have access to a computer and a wealth of resources.
  5. DON’T STAY STUCK IN EXCUSES: How often in the day do you say “I can’t do this (thing I’d like to do) because…” For example there’s something you’d like to buy, but you don’t have the money. You can use the money as a reason not to decide to buy what you want, or alternatively, you could decide you are going to buy it, and then look at where the money might come from, or how you might earn more. Letting go of the circumstance, and opening ourselves to what is possible, replacing “Why I Can’t” with “How I Can,” helps us to move into a more active, creative and dynamic place.

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